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01 | A new type of shape memory gel tip that fits any nail

A gel nail tip that softens with the temperature of your finger* and hardens when cooled. Perfectly fits any curved nail. (*Approximately 40 degrees or more)

02 | Overwhelmingly “unremovable” with special adhesive

Completely dispels the conventional image of being "easy to remove". A special high-viscosity glue fills the gap between your natural nail and the tip for a tight fit.

03 | Easy to remove with hot water and tip can be used repeatedly

The special adhesive does not come off at all during use, but it is easy to remove. It comes off with hot water, so it's gentle on your nails, and the tips can be used repeatedly and semi-permanently.

04 | Salon quality created by professional nail artists

Salon quality, each piece is handmade by professional nail artists. You can easily enjoy high-quality gel nails with your own nails.