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Looking for nail artist - Nail tips production

No customer service required! The job involves creating nail tips. / 5 minute walk from Akasaka station, 8-minute walk from Roppongi station



Job description

Hi there, we're EVER NAIL, a nail tip brand♪

We're currently looking for nail artists to design nail tips at our office in Akasaka, as we're rapidly expanding.


If you prefer working quietly and focusing on your work, our nail salon provides the perfect environment for you.

Whether you're busy with childcare, have your own clients, or need a flexible schedule, you can work comfortably here. We offer a supportive atmosphere where you can concentrate on your nail work without any pressure.


Overview of EVER NAIL:

Official website:





[Highlights about our workplace environment! ]

☆A rare workplace where customer interaction isn't required

We offer a workplace perfect for those who prefer to focus quietly on their nail work!


☆Flexible hours with a flex system

Between 9:00 and 23:00, you can chose the hours that suit you.

For full-time employees: 8 hours per day (with two days off per week)

For part-time employees: 5 hours per day (more than two months times per month is ok!)

☆Employee benefits and various allowances!

We provide employment insurance, worker's compensation insurance, health insurance, and various other insurance plans. 

Check below for details!


☆No quotas

We have absolutely no quotas at our company!!

With our shift-based system, you can leave at regular hours 


☆Incremental salary system

We provide regular salary increments determined by the number of items completed


200,000 yen Welcome Bonus ・ Additional Bonuses Offered

Upon joining, you'll receive a 100,000 yen welcome bonus as part of your first-year package, with an additional 100,000 yen six months later. Moreover, we provide further bonuses based on performance and contributions.

Full-time employees: Semiannual bonuses (June / December).

Part-time employees: Hourly wage with extra pay for intricate nail designs.


 Unlimited Free Teeth Whitening

Office teeth whitening, typically priced at 20,000 to 50,000 yen per session, is provided free and unlimited

(From an teeth whitening company within the same office)




《Job Description》

You will be responsible for all aspects of nail tip creation at our office in Akasaka! (Remote work not available)

Our products are custom-sized nail tip items made to order based on our customers' nail sizes.



▷ Confirm customer orders

▷ Create nail tips

▷ Packaging

▷ Shift management (for full-time employees only)



Appeal point

We are a nail tip brand that started online sales in August 2023! With orders steadily increasing, we are experiencing rapid growth. As our office space expands from February, we aim to create a comfortable workplace with areas for breaks and teeth whitening. We're open to suggestions like having snacks available, and we plan to enhance the office environment based on feedback. Our staff are all friendly and enjoy a lively atmosphere while working together.

Moreover, our nail tips are a special product under patent application, developed through our unique research. As we aim for international expansion in the future, joining us offers the excitement of being part of a startup that is constantly growing. We would be thrilled to have more teammates to help build our brand together!



Work Hours & Days

《Shift System》

You can choose freely between 9:00 and 23:00.


- Example Shifts -

10:00-19:00 / 11:00-20:00 / 15:00-23:00


《Full-time Employees》

Working Hours: 8 hours / Break: 1 hour

Days Off: Two consecutive days off per week (Negotiable)


《Part-time Employees》

Working Hours: 5 hours or more (Transportation costs not covered for shifts under 5 hours)

Frequency: Ok for 2 shifts per month! Please inquire for details.



Desired Qualifications


☑︎JNEC Nail Technician Level 2 or higher

☑︎ Minimum of 3 years of salon work experience (does not include self-nail experience)


☑︎ Ability to create nails featured on EVER NAIL's website


※ Even if you dont meet the above conditions, there may still be a possibility to clear them through past treatment photos or technical checks, so please feel free to inquire.



◎ Those who enjoy working quietly and diligently

◎ Who love nails but find customer service challenging

◎ Who prioritize quality in nail work

◎ Individuals who prefer working during flexible hours

Those who want to dress free, including attire, hair color, and piercings




Vacation and Holidays

・Weekends off (Two consecutive days off per week / Consultation available for preferred days off)

・Year-end and New Year holidays (5 days)

・Maternity and childcare leave available




6-18-11 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo



5-minute walk from Akasaka Station / 10-minute walk from Roppongi Station




《Full-time Employee》

Monthly salary: 220,000 yen ~ (Nail Artist)

Monthly salary: 250,000 yen ~ (Chief Nail Artist)

※ The probationary period is 3 months (conditions remain the same).

※ Employment begins as a contract employee, with the opportunity for promotion to full-time status after 6 months under our career advancement system. This system generally applies to both contract and full-time employees (conditions remain consistent).

※ Additional salary increases and benefits will be offered based on experience and skills.

☆ Transportation allowance (up to 15,000 yen/month)

☆ Joining bonus of 200,000 yen / Salary increases and bonuses available / Salary increases annually, with bonuses in June and December

Upon joining, you'll receive a joining bonus of 100,000 yen as part of your first-year bonus, followed by another 100,000 yen six months later. Additionally, additional bonuses are provided based on performance and contributions. Further bonuses are provided proactively based on company performance and contributions.


《Part-time Employee》

Hourly wage: 1,200 yen ~

☆ Transportation allowance (up to 800 yen for round trip)

☆ Salary increase based on performance (salary increase based on the number of products completed)





◇ Comprehensive insurance coverage including employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance, health insurance, and social insurance

◇ Maternity and childcare leave

◇ Social insurance coverage (for those working 17 days or more per month)

◇ Transportation allowance provided (up to 15,000 yen/month)

◇ Employee discount system

◇ No quotas

◇ Freedom in dress code and hairstyle

◇ No relocation required

◇ Side job opportunities allowed

Unlimited and free teeth whitening (provided by an affiliated teeth whitening company)



Company overview

Company name: amieve Co., Ltd.

Company website:

EVER NAIL official website:



《Application Process》

To apply, please start by sending a message with the following information:

1. Introduction (especially regarding nail experience and background)

2. Reason for applying

3. Desired start date and time (e.g., mid-March)

4. Preferred frequency and hours of work (for part-time applicants)

5. Links to your SNS accounts showcasing nail work or approximately 10 photos of nails you've created (whether nail tips or manicures performed on others is acceptable / If you cannot send photos directly, please provide URLs)


《Hiring Process》

1. Submit the above information via email to

2. Participate in a trial session at our Akasaka office (create a few nail tips as a trial / We'd love to chat with you and let you experience the workplace atmosphere / Approximately 1-2 hours required).

3. Receive notification of acceptance or rejection via email within one week.



【Contact Information】

Email: (In charge: Hara)

Please mention that you saw the recruitment on our official website for smoother communication.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, feel free to reach out. We eagerly await your applications!






01 | A new sensation of shape-memory gel tip that fits any type of nails

A gel material nail tip that softens with the warmth of your fingers and hardens when cooled. It fits perfectly to any nail curve. (*Approximately 40 degrees Celsius or above).

02 | This adhesive ensures the nail stays securely in place, preventing any peeling

It completely eliminates the conventional notion of being "easily peelable". Our special high-viscosity glue fills the gap between your natural nails and the tips, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

03 | Easy to remove with warm water & Reusable tips

Our special adhesive does not come off at all during use, but it is easy to remove. It comes off with warm water, so it's gentle on your nails, and the tips can be reused semi-permanently.

04 | Salon quality created by professional nail artists

Our gel nail tips crafted by professionals, give you salon-quality results at home with ease.