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Hello, this is EVER NAIL, a nail tip brand♪

Due to rapid expansion, we are currently recruiting nail artists to create nail tips at our Akasaka office!

I want to work as a manicurist, but I prefer working quietly rather than talking to customers...

I want to concentrate on creating my nails at my own pace without feeling nervous...

I'm busy with childcare, I have my own clients, and I want to work in a workplace where I can have flexible hours...

This is a work environment where even such people can work on nails with peace of mind!

Overview of EVER NAIL:

Official website:


Our work environment points!

☆Unusual workplace that doesn't require customer service

This is a rare workplace for those who want to work on their nails silently!

☆Flexible system with flexible hours

You can work any time you like between 9:00 and 23:00.

For full-time employees: 8 hours a day from the above hours (two days off per week)

For part-time jobs: 5 hours a day from the hours listed above (2-monthly is OK!)

☆Full of benefits and various allowances!

Fully equipped with employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance, health insurance, social insurance, and various other insurances.

Check below for details!

☆No quota

There are no quotas at our store! !

I work in shifts so I can leave work on time.

☆Salary increase system available

We will increase your salary according to the number of items you can complete.

☆Bonus available

Bonuses will be paid according to performance and contribution.

For full-time employees: Bonuses twice a year (June/December)

For part-time jobs: Additional compensation will be provided in addition to the hourly wage for creating nails with a high degree of difficulty.

☆Free whitening & unlimited number of times

Office whitening, which usually costs 20,000 to 50,000 yen per session, is available for free.

(Provided by a whitening company within the same office)

job description

At our office in Akasaka, we will handle all nail chip creation work! (Cannot stay at home)

Our product is a nail tip product that is made to order according to the size of the customer's nails after receiving an order from the customer.


▷Check customer order

▷Nail tip creation


▷Shift management (full-time employees only)

appeal point

Our store is a nail tip brand that started selling online in August 2023.

As the number of orders continues to increase and we are rapidly expanding, we will be expanding our office starting from February, so we will be making the office more comfortable, including a resting space and whitening space. If there is a request, such as wanting to put sweets, etc., we plan to improve it more and more (^^)

All of our staff members are kind, friendly, and enjoy working every day.

In addition, our nail tips are special products that have undergone extensive original research and are patent pending. We are also aiming to expand overseas as a future development, so I think you will be able to feel the excitement of rapid growth that is unique to a startup.

I would be very happy if I could have more friends to create a brand with me♪

Working hours/days of the week

《Shift system》
You can freely choose between 9:00 and 23:00.

- Shift example -

"full-time employee"

Working hours: 8 hours actual work / 1 hour break

Days off: Full five-day week (days off can be negotiated)

"part-time job"

Working hours: 5 hours or more (transportation expenses cannot be paid if working less than 5 hours)

Frequency: Month 2 ~ OK! Please contact us

Human resources required


☑︎JNEC Nail Certification Grade 2 or above

☑︎ Salon work experience of 3 years or more (does not include self-nail experience)

☑︎Those who can make the nails posted on the EVER NAIL website

*Even if you do not meet the above conditions, please contact us as there is a possibility that you may be able to clear the exam by looking at past treatment photos and technical checks.

However, since we place emphasis on quality, we require a high degree of technical ability. Thank you for your understanding.

《Recommended for these people》

◎People who like to work quietly

◎People who are not good at customer service but like nail art

◎People who want to create nails with a focus on quality

◎Those who want to work during their free time

◎People who want to wear whatever clothes, hair color, earrings, etc. they like


・Saturdays and Sundays off (Complete 2 days off per week / You can discuss which day of the week you should take the day off)

・Annual paid system available

・New Year holidays (5 days)

・Full of pre- and post-natal leave and childcare leave

Work location

6-18-11 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo


5 minutes walk from Akasaka Station / 10 minutes walk from Roppongi Station


"full-time employee"

Monthly salary: 210,000 yen ~ (Nailist)

Monthly salary starting from 250,000 yen (chief nail artist)

*Trial period is 3 months (no changes to conditions)

*Employment is a career progression system where you start as a contract employee and become a full-time employee 6 months after joining the company.

In principle, you will need to use this system. (Conditions remain the same for contract employees and full-time employees)

*Additional salary and preferential treatment will be given based on experience, ability, etc.

☆Transportation expenses provided (up to 15,000 yen/month)

☆Salary increases and bonuses available / Salary increases once a year, bonuses twice a year (June/December)

We will proactively provide bonuses based on company performance and contribution.

"part-time job"

Hourly wage 1,200 yen ~

☆Transportation expenses provided (up to 800 yen round trip)

☆Salary increase available (salary increase depending on the number of items that can be completed)


◇Equipped with employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance, health insurance, and social insurance.

◇Maternity/childcare leave

◇Complete social insurance (for those who work 17 days or more per month)

◇Transportation expenses provided (up to 15,000 yen/month)

◇Employee discount system

◇No quota

◇Free clothing and hairstyle

◇No transfer

◇Side job OK

◇Free whitening & unlimited number of times (because we have a whitening company attached)

company overview

Company name: amieve Co., Ltd.

Number of employees: 12 people

Company website:

EVER NAIL official website:

About application

To apply, please first fill in the following information via email.

《Application requirements》

① Self-introduction (especially about nail experience and background)

②Reason for applying

③ Desired start date and time of work Example: From mid-February

④ Frequency and time you would like to work (fill in only if you wish to work part-time)

⑤ SNS account where you upload your nails or about 10 photos of nails you have created so far (Nail tips or nails done on someone else's hands are OK / If you cannot send a photo, please convert it into a URL and send it.)

《Flow of recruitment》

⑴Primary document screening_Fill out ① to ⑤ above in the email and apply.

⑵Second screening_ Interview & technical test (at Akasaka office)

⑶ Notification of acceptance/rejection We will notify you of acceptance or rejection by email within one week.

《About technical test》

We conduct technical tests to ensure that our nail tips meet our quality standards.

Contents: 6 nail tips

(You will be asked to make a total of 6 nail tips, one at random from the nail designs posted on the EVER NAIL website.)

Time limit: 1 and a half hours

Things to bring: Familiar brushes, magnets, and other tools (I use gel from the office)


[Contact information]

Email address: (Person in charge: Hara)

It will be smoother if you let us know that you saw it on Indeed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

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