EVER NAIL began when the founder faced the personal challenge of having weak nails. Due to the weakness of her nails, she couldn't grow them out nicely. Additionally, gel nails were limited to just a few applications, so she couldn't fully enjoy nail care. So she struggled to find simple nail tips that she could easily apply by herself.

However, there were few high-quality nail tips on the market that offered both salon-level quality and convenience. So she decided to make the ideal product she had been looking for. She meticulously conducted research, aiming to achieve a natural finish and quality similar to salon gel nails while tacking the main issue of nail tips - their tendency to come off easily.

This is the branding story of EVER NAIL. Bringing joy and pride to EVER NAIL is the ability to make it easy for those with weak nails and self-nail enthusiasts to enjoy beautiful nails.

Sustainable initiatives

Using high-quality nail tips is an excellent eco-friendly choice. Unlike nail polishes applied directly to the nail or disposable nail products, high-quality nail tips are reusable, which helps reduce waste.

Furthermore, at EVER NAIL, we implement a fully made-to-order production system to reduce unnecessary production. We also utilize paper packaging to minimize our environmental impact.

To offer a sustainable nail experience, EVER NAIL will persist in prioritizing environmentally and health-conscious manufacturing practices.



01 | A new sensation of shape-memory gel tip that fits any type of nails

A gel material nail tip that softens with the warmth of your fingers and hardens when cooled. It fits perfectly to any nail curve. (*Approximately 40 degrees Celsius or above).

02 | This adhesive ensures the nail stays securely in place, preventing any peeling

It completely eliminates the conventional notion of being "easily peelable". Our special high-viscosity glue fills the gap between your natural nails and the tips, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

03 | Easy to remove with warm water & Reusable tips

Our special adhesive does not come off at all during use, but it is easy to remove. It comes off with warm water, so it's gentle on your nails, and the tips can be reused semi-permanently.

04 | Salon quality created by professional nail artists

Our gel nail tips crafted by professionals, give you salon-quality results at home with ease.