Copy of Japan! A new type of gel nail tip that never comes off

Patent pending! Can be used repeatedly semi-permanently

Next generation gel nail tip

What is EVER NAIL?

A new sensation that never comes off thanks to the shape memory gel chip and special adhesive

“A tip that looks like a gel nail”

Chip type gel nails made entirely of gel material

Create authentic gel nails just by applying adhesive and pasting.

  • apply adhesive

    Apply and let dry for 1-2 minutes

  • Paste

    Just stick it on tightly!


  • 01A new type of shape memory gel tip that fits any nail

    A gel nail tip that softens with the temperature of your finger* and hardens when cooled. Perfectly fits any curved nail. (*Approximately 40 degrees or more)

  • 02 Dedicated adhesive achieves overwhelmingly “unremovable” properties

    Completely dispels the conventional image of being "easy to remove". A special high-viscosity glue fills the gap between your natural nail and the tip for a tight fit.

  • 03Easy to remove with hot water &
    Chips can be used repeatedly

    The special adhesive does not come off at all during use, but it is easy to remove. It comes off with hot water, so it's gentle on your nails, and the tips can be used repeatedly and semi-permanently.

  • 04Salon -grade quality created by professional nail artists

    Salon quality, each piece is handmade by professional nail artists. You can easily enjoy high-quality gel nails with your own nails.


*As this product is completely made to order, please measure the size of your nails before placing your order. We recommend that you order a "size confirmation chip" in advance.


We always carry over 100 designs supervised by professional manicurists.
New designs are also released regularly.

You can choose from colors that suit you perfectly,
Personal color nail tips are also on sale.


Q1. How long can I enjoy it?
We recommend wearing it once for 1 day to 3 weeks. Our nail tips can be used repeatedly and semi-permanently, so they are cost-effective.
Q2. Can't it be removed by doing housework or taking a bath?
The special adhesive is resistant to water, so if it's attached correctly, it won't come off when doing housework or taking a bath. I couldn't get it off even if I stayed in a super public bath all day.
Q3. Can it be used by people with small or large nails?
Please order the tip size that perfectly fits your natural nail, but if it is larger than that, we will not be able to accommodate it. If it is small, you can adjust it by cutting it.
Q4. Does it feel like you're wearing nail tips?
Since they are all made of real gel materials and parts, the finish looks just like salon gel nails. Since size is important for a more natural look, we recommend ordering a "size confirmation chip" before ordering. Also, if the root curve does not match, it can be adjusted by cutting it.


Mirror nails are cute! Even if I take it off, I can use it again, so I change it up to match my outfit...

This real gel, which is not found on stickers, really gets you excited, and is a quality demon.

If you get these nails done at a salon, it will definitely cost you 10,000 yen... The best gel nail tip, this one...

The quality is truly amazing after just 10 minutes of wearing, and your nails will instantly become prettier before you go out.