Our patent-pending gel nail tips are made to last a lifetime,

crafted from genuine gel and custom-made by our nail artists to

fit your nails perfectly upon ordering.

4 features

01 | A new sensation of shape-memory gel tip that fits any type of nails

A gel material nail tip that softens with the warmth of your fingers and hardens when cooled. It fits perfectly to any nail curve. (*Approximately 40 degrees Celsius or above).

02 | This adhesive ensures that the nails stay securely in place, preventing any peeling

It completely eliminates the conventional notion of being "easily peelable". Our special high-viscosity glue fills the gap between your natural nails and the tips, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

03 | Easy to remove with warm water & Reusable tips

The special adhesive does not come off at all during use, but it is easy to remove. It comes off with hot water, so it's gentle on your nails, and the tips can be used repeatedly and semi-permanently.

04 | Salon quality created by professional nail artists

Our gel nail tips crafted by professionals, give you salon-quality results at home with ease.

Additionally, you can opt for our loss replacement coverage

"I lost one piece of nail tips after removal..."

In such cases, we offer an option called 'Lost Item Compensation 500 yen,' which allows you to add up three more pieces afterward. Please consider adding it to your purchase at checkout.

* If you do not opt for Lost Item Compensation, additional purchases are available at 500 yen per one piece.

Before starting EVER NAIL

Purchase process

1. Order a “size confirmation chip” (first time free & same day shipping)

2Measure the size of your nails

3Register on my page

4Purchase your favorite nail design

5After receiving your order, a manicurist will make it and mail it to you.

Let's measure the size first

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About types of chips

You can choose from two types: "Oval Medium" and "Round Short".

How to apply/remove nails

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